Family Promise
First Church partners with Family promise who work everyday to give homeless children and their families faith, hope, and love. Providing meals once a month for families of our community.
East Milton
Elementary SchooL
73 pairs of socks, 81 t-shirts, and 107 pair of underwear,  were recently donated to East Milton Elementary School, your donations are making a difference.
My Father’s Arrow
Pajamas were recently collected and donated to My Father’s Arrow a faith based charity that helps children in foster care by educating the public, finding advocates and foster parents, and collecting resources.
Pregnancy Resource Center
Donations of sleepsacks for newborns are needed for the Pregnancy Resource Center. Their clients [both Moms and Dads] take classes and earn points for each class; they can use these points to trade for baby items. The P.R.C. provides life skill, nutrition, prenatal parenting, and Bible Study. We need your help to meet the need, thank you.
Untied Methodist
Girl’s Home
The United Methodist Women will be purchasing a gift cards for the U.M.C. Girl’s Home. We are blessed to have this home in our community.
Pensacola Community Ministry
Donations of toiletries were recently made to the Pensacola Community Ministry. The United Methodist Women appreciate your contributions and ask for your continual support by collecting toiletries.
Ronald McDonald House
The youth are asking for your help in collecting pop tops from all types of cans especially in football season, like the Church we welcome all. Your donations of pop tops make a difference in a life.
Feed My Sheep
In partnership with the Food Bank 20 bags of groceries are provided each Thursday from 10 a.m. to noon, the bags of food are offered to families in need.

The Children provide: cards and candy buckets for the USO, stuffed animals for the Santa Rosa Kids House, Donations of puzzles, word puzzle books and crafts for the Nursing Home.