Church, daily I pray for you. Also, I have prayed, asking God to shepherd me as your pastor. The word God has placed upon my heart is “INVESTMENT.” God has instilled in me that we, as a Church, are to make life investments so that individuals may come to know, accept, and follow Jesus Christ.

I believe God desires that you develop deep roots, grow strong, and experience God’s full power and presence. Our fall series Christian to the Core will provide you with a foundation upon which you can build a long-lasting relationship with Jesus Christ. Just as a tree grows from the core, you also can grow when you focus on the core of who you can become in Christ.

The fall series begins on Sept 8. Weekly sermons plus weekly “Core Reflections” Wednesdays at 1:30 or 6 p.m. Sermon delivery dates plus gatherings of each Core Reflection may be viewed online @

Individuals attending worship on the first Sunday of Sept will receive invitation cards. One may use this card to invite friends, relatives, acquaintances, or neighbors, to our series. You’ll not be disappointed in this series either will your guests.

FRAN arrives Sunday, Sept 8, are you EXCITED! You will have the opportunity to meet FRAN + you’ll have the chance to say “Howdy!” as you welcome FRAN. Only one week from Sunday!

In God’s plan, you are the Church! As I have prayed and listened to you, God has opened the door to new possibilities. The word that comes to mind is “Visioneering.” A core team of individuals will prayerfully consider ministry possibilities. The complete design has been placed on our Church site:

Readers Wanted! Transforming Discipleship by Greg Ogden is an exciting book to read. I want to invite you to read along with me, and together, we’ll discuss our findings. Also, I’m looking at two possible books for an Advent study, Almost Christmas and The Gift of the Nutcracker. I need a couple of readers who would respond to these possibilities if interested send an email to

Looking for areas to grow within my own life, I will attend two events. 1. Game-Changing Leadership, Sept 5 focusing on strategies of fostering a generous culture, developing financial leadership skills, and improving financial health. 2. Teaming with Tanzania, Sept 8, which offers insight our participation as a Church. You too, are invited! For more information, you may view our Facebook page: firstchurchmilton.

And thank you for watching Talks on the Blackwater found on your Facebook page: firstchurchmilton, website:, or YouTube channel: Talks on the Blackwater.

Church! It is my honor to serve as your pastor, and I’m even more excited when we serve together!

 Steve Warren, Pastor

First Church Milton
Where Life Investments are Made
6830 Berryhill Road
Milton, FL 32570